Julian Bakery Paleo Organic Sunflower Butter Protein Bar Review

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Julian Bakery Paleo Organic Sunflower Butter Protein Bar Review

If you work out regularly and want to live a strictly paleo lifestyle, then you might have wondered about other kinds of food items that will help supplement your diet. There are paleo protein bars out there which can help your health and fitness goals.

Paleo bars have lots of nutritional value and most don’t contain any gluten or dairy. Due to the demands of a healthy lifestyle, products like the Julian Bakery Paleo Organic Sunflower Butter Protein Bar are very popular these days.

Julian Bakery Paleo Organic Sunflower Butter Protein Bar Features

  • Comes with vegetarian egg white protein
  • Sweetened with monk fruit – does not contain sugar
  • Only 150 calories per bar
  • Can serve as a meal replacement
  • Contains organic prebiotics which enhances digestion and restrains appetite
  • Has Stay-Fresh technology which helps preserve bars up to 18 months
  • Manufactured in gluten-free facility


Protein bars like the Paleo Organic Sunflower Butter protein bar can become a primary component in a healthy fitness routine. Quality, authentic protein is important to overall fitness and wellbeing.

There are lots of different kinds of protein bars out there including paleo protein bars. Protein bars contain varying quantities of protein, sugar, fat and carbs. This is due to the fact that these varying products have different suggested functions and consumers.

This Sunflower Butter protein bar is an excellent and convenient protein resource that can also serve as a nice meal replacement. Paleo bars are even better than regular protein bars since the proteins they contain are derived from natural and healthy sources.

Not all protein bars are created equal since some are more like candy than healthy food supplements. There are even products that contain high amounts of sodium and fat, so it pays to focus on the nutrition label on protein bars. You also have to steer clear of products that contain artificial ingredients, additives and preservatives.

You have to be wary about what ingredients some of these products contain. There are unhealthy ones that may sound harmless but are in fact the opposite. Some paleo protein bars out there come with concealed sugars that can lead to weight gain instead of weight loss.

The Sunflower Butter variant from Paleo Organics doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients and is sweetened through natural means by way of monk fruit.

It is also recommended that you go organic when it comes to protein bars since these foods come from sources that were not influenced by the effects of risky synthetic chemicals like pesticides and other chemical solutions that can harm the body. This product contains organic prebiotics which work to improve digestion and suppress hunger pangs for up to 4 hours.

You also have to check whether the paleo protein bar contains ingredients that can trigger allergies. Common food allergens include tree nuts, peanuts and gluten. This product is not made in a facility that handles gluten so it is safe to eat for people who are allergic to the stuff. The protein in this product is also not milk-based so those who are allergic to milk can consume it.

The majority of so-called health bars come with shady ingredients that are not much different from standard candy bars. However, these paleo egg white protein bars from Julian Bakery feature excellent quality proteins. Each bar contains 20 grams of protein, which comes from organic, uncaged chickens that are raised in the USA. It also does not contain harmful carbs which can derail your blood sugar.


Some people might find the chewiness of a product a bit of a problem. When you chew them the bars have a tackiness that is similar to caramel so it will stick to your teeth.


Due to the high quality of the protein offered in this product, the Julian Bakery Paleo Organic Sunflower Butter Protein Bar is a sure winner among nutritional bars. It contains natural, organic ingredients, does not have artificial sweeteners and is quite delicious.

It is quite filling as well and it performs well as a valid meal substitute. If you’re looking for a healthier kind of protein bar, this product will readily meet your needs.

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