Quest Nutrition Double Chocolate Chunk Protein Bar Review

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Quest Nutrition Double Chocolate Chunk Protein Bar Review

When protein bars were first launched, many were put off the by taste. While they contained all the right stuff, consumers didn’t exactly fall in love with the way these supplements tasted.

Lots of people complained that the bars were dense, crumbly and bland. They were packed with nutrients but unfortunately fell out of favor with people who at least wanted something healthy yet edible at the same time.

However, this didn’t stop companies from making protein bars and they decided to take care of the issue by improving flavors. These days there are lots of delicious protein bars that are not only packed with nutrients, but also came with scrumptious flavors that disguise the fact that it is health food.

In this review, we’re going to tackle a favorite consumer product, the Quest Nutrition Double Chocolate Chunk Protein Bar.

Quest Nutrition Double Chocolate Chunk Protein Bar Features

  • Made with delicious, healthy ingredients
  • Doesn’t include sugar or trans fats
  • 17 grams of fiber
  • Total of 180 calories with 70 calories from fat
  • Total fat content: 12 percent
  • 20 grams of protein
  • No strong aftertaste


Protein bars have massively improved over the years and now come in a wide range of yummy flavors. They taste better now and you can choose bars that come with chocolate and even pastry flavors. Quest’s bars for one, come in a good range of chocolaty flavors and for this review we’re going to talk about the Double Chocolate Chunk variant.

The bar contains a nice amount of unsweetened chocolate, cocoa and cocoa butter. The stronger taste of the chocolate is used in order to hide the dry and often overwhelming taste of whey protein, which is the best kind of protein used in bars.

The lush addition and combination of cocoa flavors plus its bigger hunks of chocolate mask that particular taste pretty well hence this bar makes it to the top list of the tastiest protein bars available.

This protein bar is also all-natural; it doesn’t contain sugars of any kind and instead uses stevia, which is a plant-based sweetener. The product doesn’t contain artificial sucralose as well to sweeten it.

Quest has other chocolate variants in their range of protein bars, but this one takes the cake due to the fact that it contains double the amount of chocolate, hence the name. The flavor weakens the stronger protein taste that is often found in protein bars so you’ll feel like you’re downing a candy bar instead of a protein one.

While there are people out there who don’t mind the taste of whey protein, there are some who are not fond of the taste so this product is highly recommended for folks who are not hot for the whey protein taste but still want a bar that contains sufficient amounts of it.

The bar’s texture is a bit dry and chewy, and you have to chew for a bit before swallowing the stuff. Another good thing about the product is that it’s very low in calories compared to the majority of protein bars on the market, which have calories that clock in at approximately 200 to 250 calories. These bars have tons of fiber in them and can provide almost 70 percent of your recommended daily intake.

The bars contain a blend of proteins which explains why they have such a high amount of protein. If you’re after a protein bar with bigger amounts of the stuff, you can’t go wrong with this product. This is also a nice protein bar to bite into if you’re not that fond of the strong whey protein taste found in most traditional protein bars.


There is one drawback to this bar—while it has sufficient amounts of protein it does contain a higher amount of fat and sodium. If you want to lose weight and need a protein bar, you should look somewhere else because this might not help you off excess pounds.


The Quest Nutrition Double Chocolate Chunk Protein Bar is the product to grab if you want more protein, a convenient snack or breakfast and a protein bar that doesn’t taste like one. The delicious, rich chocolate taste of it will leave you thinking you’re noshing on a candy bar instead of a protein product.

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