RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt Whole Food Protein Bar Review

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RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt Whole Food Protein Bar Review

Many people have the misconception that going on a high-protein diet entails consuming lots of meat and eggs. That’s the old way of going about a high-protein diet but it isn’t necessarily the healthiest way to do it.

One easy way to get lean and to build muscle in place of fat is to reduce sugar intake and increase the amount of protein instead. Protein is necessary to build and rebuild the muscles that are broken down during intense workout sessions, but eating a dozen raw eggs isn’t everyone’s idea of a protein supplement.

For those who want to build muscle and cut down on the carbohydrates and calories, your best bet is a protein bar. These bars are handy and pack in a lot of nutritional value making it tasty, convenient and healthy at the same time. If you haven’t found the right protein bar yet, check out the RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt Whole Food Protein Bar.

This review will discuss the different pros and cons that come with using RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt Whole Food Protein Bars as your go-to snack. Here you can determine if this protein bar should be on your shopping list or not.

RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt Whole Food Protein Bar Features

  • Chocolate sea salt flavored protein bar
  • Made using egg whites, dates, nuts and other natural ingredients
  • Contains cacao or blueberries for enhanced taste and texture
  • No added sugar
  • Gluten, soy and dairy free
  • Non-GMO
  • Great for a quick and delicious breakfast, pre and post-workout food, and as a healthy snack
  • Box contains 12 Chocolate Sea Salt flavored bars
  • Each bar contains: 12 grams of egg white protein, 4 grams of fiber, 200 calories


A big problem with turning to handy snacks like protein bars is the artificial ingredients companies often use. Thankfully the RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt Whole Food Protein Bar is different. These protein bars promise no B.S. and they deliver on that promise.

Each bar, no matter the flavor, uses just 6-8 all-natural ingredients guaranteeing you are consuming only the best food for your body. These bars are also a great find because it is very rare to see packaged health food without added sugar and preservatives. If you live an all-natural lifestyle you will surely fall in love with these protein bars.

People with a strict no-gluten, no-soy, and no-dairy diet will appreciate the RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt Whole Food Protein Bar. Unlike a lot of other protein bars on the market, these bars are perfect for those practicing the paleo diet.

These bars are very tasty and don’t contain unwanted and unnatural ingredients, which is a big plus for a protein bar that is marketed for those living a healthy lifestyle. This protein bar is the perfect substitute for a regular chocolate bar and your body will thank you for choosing a healthier snack in the long run.

There’s no excuse for skipping breakfast when you have a RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt Whole Food Protein Bar on hand. It’s very filling and makes breakfast on the go easy and yummy—it’s the perfect solution for people who are busy and yet still want to stick to a healthy diet.

This protein bar is also a great snack alternative that won’t leave you feeling guilty or lethargic after eating. Anyone who is health conscious will find it convenient to always have this protein bar ready whenever they need one.

You can eat this bar as a pre- or post-workout snack and skip the protein shake because it provides more than enough calories and protein to keep you satisfied and energized.


The RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt Whole Food Protein Bar only uses a few ingredients which means there is no way to mask the taste of dates. If you do not like dates this is not the protein bar for you.

They are also very chewy and have the tendency to stick to your teeth, so if you prefer something that will require less chewing you should opt for a different protein bar brand.

Some have also mentioned that these protein bars have an unusual texture. Those who are particular about taste and texture might be better off trying something else.

Others also find that the RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt Whole Food Protein Bar is too sweet for their taste. Although there is no sugar added to these protein bars, dates and other fruits are naturally sweet which can be off-putting for people on a strict diet.

Take note that the sweetness comes from a natural source rather than dangerous additives, making this protein bar healthier than those with artificial sweeteners.


If you want an all-natural protein bar with no artificial additives the RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt Whole Food Protein Bars is the protein bar for you. The company promises no B.S. when it comes to their ingredients and they stay true to this promise, so you know exactly what you are putting into your body.

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