Which Should You Choose: Protein Bar or Shake?

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Which Should You Choose Protein Bar or Shake

Meal replacement food items are now available everywhere. You see them being sold in convenience stores and supermarkets. The most popular out of the bunch are protein bars and shakes.

Protein is needed by our body since it is required in essentially every spot of the human body from the cells down to the muscles. We need protein so our bodies will continue to thrive and replenish.

However, due to the faster pace of life at this time, the quickest way to meet daily protein requirements is through bars and shakes. In the protein bars vs. shakes argument, which one is better? This article will cover this subject.

The protein bar may seem like an attractive replacement for a complete meal. They are small and portable and you can keep them neatly in your bag or packed lunch. It doesn’t require any kind of preparation—they are the grab-and-go kind after all.

Protein bars come in a great selection of flavors and lots of products provide more protein than you would get from a small meal or a bigger, more filling snack. Protein bars are also a nice replacement for protein shakes, with the knowledge that you might not get the same nutrients or health results.

Protein is important not only for lean muscle mass, but also for helping your body’s ability to metabolize. Not all of us get the much-needed level of protein needed by the body though, which is why protein bars are such welcome conveniences.

For folks who do not have the time to whip up a complete, healthy meal, the protein bar is something one can grab and eat on the go. There is no preparation needed or refrigeration. It is a nice method to make sure that your protein needs are met for the day.

Protein bars also contain other sorts of nutrients like carbs, fiber and fats. All elements operate in conjunction with proteins to boost the presence of amino acids in the body, help keep you full and retain your energy at a nice level.

The fusion of carbs and protein in one convenient bar is also important to recovery following a workout. That is also one of the many reasons why lots of people reach for a protein bar before and after a workout.

The next thing we have to discuss on the subject of protein bars vs. shakes is the disadvantages of the former. Not all protein bars are healthy and some contain high levels of sugar and even plenty more calories compared to a standard candy bar. Oftentimes, these bad protein bars contain food coloring, artificial flavors and sugar, trans fats and other sorts of additives that are connected with health degradation.

Because protein bars come in solid form, they need chewing and because of this, are more filling compared to liquid protein shakes. Some experts say that liquid calories are not recognized by the human brain in the same way as calories that come from solid food items. Because of this, there is always the possibility that you won’t feel completely full and will want to eat more.

Sugar is another ingredient that you will find in shakes and shakes which often make use of artificial sweeteners. Protein bars can be sweetened with the help of cane sugar, corn syrup or brown rice syrup. There are even bars that have higher amounts of sugar than protein and this can result in weight gain instead of muscle gain.

The protein shake is more likely to contain fewer carbs and fat compared to a protein bar so the bars might be a better pick in case you want something more substantial as a meal replacement. The usual serving of a whey protein bar contains sufficient amounts of protein however it only contains a gram of fat and only 2 grams of carbs. One example of a protein bar though has 10 grams of protein, 23 grams of carbs and 5 grams of fat.

If you want to switch from shakes to bars, you have to do a bit of research first and read the nutrition labels of the products that catch your interest. In the argument about protein bars vs. shakes, both kinds of meal substitutes have the possibility to be healthy or unhealthy. It’s a matter of knowing what these products contain and the manner in which you make use of them.

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